This Chaat Phatt Jhinga dish offers a unique blend of flavours and fragrant spices to make for a deliciously medium-hot prawn curry. What makes this simple dish so popular is how delicious it tastes and how quick and easy it is to make. 

Follow the simple and easy prawn curry recipe below to make this at home; this recipe includes the beautiful Punjabi Spice Blend from Aagrah Foods; this spice blend ensures the cooking of an exquisite dish. 

How long does it take to cook a Chaat Phaat Jhinga? 

After marinating the prawns in a refrigerator for 30 minutes, this dish will take roughly 5 minutes to prepare and approximately 35 minutes to cook. This recipe will serve up to 3 people as a main meal. 

What can you serve with a Chaat Phaat Jhinga? 

This dish is beautiful to enjoy on its own, but perhaps you would like to serve it with some side dishes. For example, if you were hosting a dinner party, you could accompany this delicious prawn curry with a bed of fluffy rice and a selection of warm pieces of bread.

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