Chicken Lahsen

A brand new addition to the Tarka range, the Aagrah Lahsen base is perfect for those seeking an authentic tasting garlic chilli chicken curry. The name 'Lahsen' takes its name from the ethnic word for garlic. This Indian chicken dish originates from Peshawar and has a spicy heat and unique taste. Lahsen Tarka is delicious with chicken, and chopped bell peppers served as a delicious main dish. 

How long does it take to cook Chicken Lahsen Tikka? 

To cook this dish, it will take roughly 10 minutes to prepare and approximately 20 minutes to cook. This recipe will serve three people as a main dish. 

What can I serve with a Chicken Lahsen Tikka? 

We suggest serving this dish with hot fluffy rice or a selection of warm loaves of bread. The chicken Lahsen Tikka goes exceptionally well with garlic or plain naan bread.

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