Balti Cooking Sauce
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Balti Cooking Sauce

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Balti originates from the northwest frontier of Pakistan and is one of the most popular Indian dishes in the UK. The Aagrah Balti cooking sauce's secret recipe combines a unique blend of spices with a tomato base creating an intense, rich flavour. This is sure to delight any curry lover!

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Balti Cooking Sauce

Very nice sauce but a little bit too hot for me as states it’s medium strength. Will add a dollop plain yoghurt next time. Have a couple of different ones to try yet.

Balti Sauce

Excellent sauce, authentic curry taste, easy to use. Try some you will not be disappointed.


How ever the last batch I ordered was mind blowing hot
As in a few more customers have found this is the review on face book iv Aagrah Foods iv had a new Batch a few weeks ago the original stuff was really nice in fact amazing but the last batch was really hot , all my family commented on how hot I’d made it although no spices was added , on both different sauces
Did try the cream but had to use so much it made the dish not like a curry
Shame as the original stuff I’d brought was amazing il enclose the batch numbers
Hydradadi 929502
Balti 930902

It’s very good

Have been trying for years to find a sauce that gives an authentic taste & I think these are as close as you will get to a decent home made curry. Have tried lots of supermarket offerings in the past & these are way superior .
Give them a go 👍

Thanks for the great feedback Adrian!

Hi I was reily disappointed with both the sauses when I opened the jars they smelt good but when I cooked them they were so strong the taste of both were overpowering sorry bot that is my option

Thanks for your feedback Alan. The flavours are quite strong as we don't add any water to the jar. When cooking at home, you would need to add at least half a jar of water if you find them strong and perhaps add more meat or less sauce to tone down the flavours. Alternatively, you could add some mild yoghurt to the pan while cooking to calm the heat if you find them a bit spicy. Hope that helps!