Keema Achari

A Keema Aloo Matar Achari combines delicious ingredients such as potatoes, chilli peppers, minced lamb, and a delightful hot bespoke and authentic Achari Tarka Base of Aagrah Foods curry recipe. This dish is aromatic and flavourful with a tangy taste. This recipe can also be made using minced beef if lamb is not your preferred meat. This dish does not just have to be for meat-eaters either. It can also be suitable for vegetarians by substituting beef for Quorn mince.

How long will it take to cook Keema Aloo Matar Achari?

This Keema Aloo Matar Achari recipe will take roughly 30 minutes to cook, and this includes 5 minutes preparation time and 25 minutes cooking time. This recipe will serve approximately three people as a main meal.

What can I serve with Keema Aloo Matar Achari?

We recommended serving the Keema Aloo Matar Achari with hot fresh naan bread or a delicious chapati, a crispy onion bhaji and garnished with chopped fresh coriander.

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