Image of lahori barbecued lamb chops

There is nothing better than fresh, succulent, straight-off-the-grill lamb chops to get your curry night started. This Pakistani recipe marches lamb chops in our Lahori spice blend before grilling or barbecuing. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy you can make Indian Lamb Chops at home, but more importantly, you'll be blown away by the fantastic taste! This is a must-try recipe from Aagrah Foods.

How long does it take to cool Lahori Lamb Chops? 

These Lahori Lamb Chops, after marinating for at least 2 hours before cooking, will take approximately 5 minutes to prepare and roughly 10 minutes to cook. This recipe will serve two people making this dish the ideal starter for entertaining a dinner guest.

What can you serve with Lahori Lamb Chops? 

If serving the Lahori Lamb chops as a starter, an ideal accompaniment will be the Aagrah Mango Murabba Chutney and mint raita for a dipping sauce. Or, to make this dish more of a main course, why not serve with a bed of rice and a selection of warm pieces of bread.
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