Kashmiri Korma

Originating in Kashmir and developed especially by Aagrah Foods, the Traditional Kashmiri Korma is delicately spiced and full of flavour. Abundant in a unique blend of flavours and fragrant spice, balanced with cool and creamy sauce. This traditional recipe is extremely popular with families, especially those with younger children who are not fond of hot spices. 

When you're following the recipe below, don't forget to include the beautiful Korma Tarka Base from Aagrah Foods, which will ensure the cooking of this exquisite dish. 

How long does it take to cook the Traditional Kashmiri Korma? 

This traditional korma recipe will take around 30 minutes to cook in total, with 5 minutes of preparation time and 25 minutes of cooking time. This recipe will serve up to 3 people as a main course. 


What can I serve with a Traditional Kashmiri Korma? 

We recommend doing this dish with a selection of warm pieces of bread and a portion of hot fluffy traditional basmati or pilau rice.

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