Punjabi Biryani

The Biryani dish is an authentic traditional Punjabi favourite and is found in many restaurants in Lahore! This dish is particularly popular because it is a complete "one-pot" meal traditionally served with raita and chutney. The Punjabi Biryani can also be a superb accompaniment with any curry. Following the below recipe, including the beautiful Balti Tarka Base from Aagrah Foods, the sauce is rich in ground spices to ensure the cooking of an exquisite dish. 

What is Punjabi Biryani? 

The Biryani is a traditional Indian dish usually made with layers of mixed rice and spices and a choice of meat such as chicken, beef or lamb. 

What do you serve with Punjabi Biryani? 

A traditional Punjabi Biryani can be served on its own, usually with raita and chutney, or it can be served as an accompaniment with any curry.  

How long does it take to cook Punjabi Biryani?

This dish will take approximately 30-40 minutes to cook and serve up to 4 people. Perfect for a one-pot family meal or to accompany an Indian feast with friends.

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