Welcome to Aagrah Foodservice

With over 40 years in the restaurants and catering business Aagrah Foodservice understands the needs of the hospitality sector, and works hard to meet the needs of pubs, cafés, hotels, restaurants and business and industry customers across the UK.

We have created a range of chef prepared recipes that will enable you to deliver restaurant quality Indian meals to your customers in minutes, with all the taste and authenticity that your customers expect.

To request your Free Chef's Sample Pack*, or to discuss your business needs, just click below, and one of our team will be in touch in to arrange your sample pack and answer your questions.

*Free Chef's Sample Pack consists of 1 x Tikka Masala, 1 x Hydrabadi, 1 x Balti, 1 x Achari, plus a helpful Aagrah Recipe Guide.

(All sample pack jars are 270g size)

Aagrah Tikka Masala
Aagrah Hydrabadi
Aagrah Balti
Aagrah Achari

What our customers say...

"I normally make a curry myself from scratch but why bother when this takes half the time and tastes delicious." 

Gerald Marshall

"Just like you would get in an Indian restaurant. Maybe even better..."

Jackie Reveler

"These sauces are as near as you will get to restaurant quality. They really are near perfect" 

David Evans