Chicken Jalfrezi

Are you looking for a quick and easy curry recipe to whip up on a busy weeknight? This chicken jalfrezi curry is made of a deliciously thick and spicy sauce, the perfect hearty meal for a cold winter's evening. If you want to rustle a traditional curry from scratch, follow these steps to make a Chicken Jalfrezi curry. 

How to make a Chicken Jalfrezi Curry 

As one of the most enjoyed and adored currys across various nations, a Chicken Jalfrezi Curry offers a unique blend of flavours and fragrant spices to make for a deliciously hot and tasty curry.

Following the below Chicken Jalfrezi recipe, including the use of the beautiful Balti Tarka Base from Aagrah Foods, ensures the cooking of an exquisite and authentic tasting dish. Let's get started…

What to serve with your Chicken Jalfrezi curry

Are you wondering what side dishes will complement your homemade curry? Below are some suggestions for side dishes to cook to go with your delicious curry.

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